List of Non AU Casinos

Fortunately, there are plenty of legit non AU casinos online. These casinos offer the same fun and excitement as regular pokies but benefit from enormous deposit bonuses, generous promos, mini-games, more privacy, and more payment options.

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For many Australians who use online casinos, the introduction of BetStop has been an unwelcome change. While for some, the feature gives the ability to control their use of gambling sites, for others, BetStop now prevents them from enjoying a hobby.

Below we’ll discuss how the latest non AU casinos are changing the gaming space.

What’s different about non AU casinos?

While trusted AU casinos not on BetStop are not licensed in Australia, they do hold a gaming license. These sites look and feel like online casinos that you know and love but operate offshore. The sites tend to be registered in Curacao, a South Caribbean Island classed as a province of The Netherlands. This tiny nation issues entirely legitimate gaming licenses to gaming site operators so they can run online casinos.

As these sites have no license in Australia, they do not need to be part of the BetStop scheme and are available internationally. While these operations are not subject to Australian law, the best non AU casinos offer almost the same experience as the real deal. Many Aussies prefer online casinos, not in Australia, for the more generous offers.

AU casinos and BetStop

BetStop is a restrictive gaming system implemented in Australia at the commonwealth, state, and territories level. This means it applies to all online casinos operating under Australian law.

BetStop is a self-exclusion system where players sign up to restrict their ability to play. The point of the scheme is to allow players to take a break from online gambling or even exclude themselves indefinitely should gaming be a financial burden or problem.

Players give information such as their name, address, previous addresses, partner or spouse, and other data. This information is then added to an online national database. All sites in Australia must cross-check this player info against this database. If a player is part of BetStop, they can not play pokies until their self-exclusion time ends.

Casinos that are not in Australia are a solution

While plenty of countries are without BetStop, most other nations have limitations on who can use casinos licensed in their country. These sites also have their equivalents of BetStop that may soon become part of a global self-exclusion network. The UK, for example, has GamStop, a similar self-exclusion system, and Sweden has SpelPaus.

To future-proof yourself, it is best to use the latest non-AU casinos that will never be part of any self-exclusion scheme, meaning there will be no interruption to spinning pokies in the future. However, even if you have set yourself for a self-exclusion from pokies forever, there are now ways around BetStop.

Non-AU online casinos are a solution for players who want to bypass BetStop. The self-exclusion scheme is a multi-faceted system. Simply entering spouse information or using someone else’s address will fail to get around the method. Instead, the only solution is to use reputable non AU casinos that give the same fun experience.

Are there any non-AU casinos?

In 2016, the Australian authorities implemented new changes to the Interactive Gambling Act. These changes made it no longer illegal to offer some form of online gambling for operations registered in any Australian territory.

While it is not strictly legal to serve pokies to Australian citizens, it is not illegal for Australians to play online pokies not on BetStop. This means that people can join online casinos outside Australia and use them legally without issue, including those from Curacao.

The benefits of online casinos outside Australia

While signing up for an online casino registered offshore might initially feel daunting, there are many benefits. These include:

Simple sign-up process

Registering for a casino, not in Australia, involves a much simpler sign-up process. Most sites do not require long-winded KYC processes upon sign-up, meaning you can get playing straight away.

No deposit bonus

Casinos non-AU tend to give much bigger welcome offers for new players. These are often thousands of times the deposit amount. There are also lots of non AU casinos with no deposit bonus offers available, and non AU casinos provide free spins offers, giving you a chance to experience the fun for free.

Play non AU casinos with PayPal

For convenience, most Curacao casino sites allow deposits and withdrawals via Paypal. This is a safe and legitimate way to fund an account.

Play top non AU casinos with crypto

For modern players, cryptocurrencies’ flexibility and global nature are highly prized. As modern alternatives, casinos outside Australia allow players to deposit and withdraw to various blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more.

Live non AU casinos

Casino sites offshore still offer the same great community feels that regular online casinos do. This includes live rooms where players can play roulette, blackjack, or even enjoy gameshow experiences.

Better privacy

These sites also offer enhanced privacy. Not only do they not require as much information to sign up and begin using, but they also allow crypto deposits and withdrawal methods that offer pseudo-anonymity.

How to use non AU casinos

There is no tangible difference from the point of view of a player using a casino on BetStop and one not on BetStop. Trustworthy non AU casinos are simply differently behind the scenes regarding licensing and services offered.

Using reputable non AU casinos is identical, in fact, to using your favorite online casino. Sign up using as you would with any other website using accurate information, and you will be able to play a host of pokies soon. This includes games from the world’s most popular providers, including NetEnt, YGGRADSIL, Red Tiger, and more.

In some cases, and for additional security, you can use a VPN, but you should check first site policies.

Why Do You Have to Use Non AU Casinos?

Playing casinos outside of AU players make for a variety of reasons. However, as well as the better offerings of offshore casinos, players find themselves stuck with BetStop. The main reasons, then, include:

I’ve accidentally registered for BetStop

Browse online, and you’ll find plenty of horror stories about people signing up to BetStop without fully understanding what it was. While BetStop does its best to explain the system, some players are confused by the system and believe it can be revoked when it cannot. However, player testimony reveals that accidental sign-up is a real thing and a criticism of the system as it is.

Set self-exclusion time too long

As players can often sign up for BetStop during times of stress or after losing a bet, self-exclusion time can sometimes be set too long. Players who realize they made the decision rashly regret these decisions. With no way around the self-exclusion period, however, players should look to non AU casinos instead.

Unapproved sign-up

BetStop is not foolproof. Sometimes people are signed up for the scheme by family, friends, or a spouse against their wishes. Whether this person needs to take a break from gaming or not, it is illegal to sign someone up to BetStop on their behalf. It is a decision a player must make for themselves. However, a way around this system abuse is to use offshore casinos instead.

More game choice

Casinos not in Australia also tend to have much, much bigger game libraries. Some of the best non AU casinos have as many as 4000 pokies on offer, with well-known titles rubbing shoulders with plenty of hidden gems. So you can find your favorites and discover new hits too.

Freedom of selection

For a lot of people, BetStop offers a limitation that is considered draconian. However, there is an argument that people can change their minds, especially in free countries like Australia. So while AU casinos may be obligated to deny service, many consider it a right to change their mind and play elsewhere.

What payment methods do non AU casinos offer?

Unrestricted by the same laws and regulations of domestic sites, online casinos outside Australia can offer a much more comprehensive range of funding options.

This includes:

  • Credit & debit cards include Visa, Mastercard, and other major cards.
  • Crypto: Using blockchain tech, players can deposit using their favorite cryptocurrency by connecting a compatible wallet.
  • Paypal: Using Paypal is a popular choice for safety-conscious players who trust the refund and security systems of the platform.
  • Pre-paid vouchers and gift cards: Offering ultimate security, these cards can be used on most non AU casinos.


Online casinos outside Australia offer some of the best gaming experiences. While some players may feel nervous trying an offshore site at first, they will soon discover the added benefits are more than worth stepping out of your comfort zone.

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