In Australia, all online gambling activities are directly regulated by the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. It’s popularly referred to in the casino community as the “IGA.” The IGA is subject to change. One of those updates occurred in 2019 when the BetStop idea came to fruition. This structure creates a comparative difference between casinos on and online casinos not on BetStop. 

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Under the guidelines set forth by the IGA, providing specific gambling services to clients over the internet became an offense when that individual is physically present in Australia. However, exceptions are available to these rules, including for services that provide lotteries, sports betting, and some forms of online wagering.

The most common form of content prohibited under the IGA rules involves online casino structures. These games usually involve luck or chance, perhaps some with skill, and are for real money. Unlike other countries, the IGA rules target only the gaming providers. They are not targeting the people who place wagers on pokies, card games, and other games of chance. 

What Is BetStop, and How Does It Affect My Betting?

BetStop is a nationwide self-exclusion register in Australia. Although it has yet to be live, government officials expect it to become available by 2023. In July 2022, they stated that it would be available for players “within a few months.”

The goal of self-exclusion is to provide primary contact information to the BetStop service. This information is distributed to the legally operating online casinos in Australia, preventing players from accessing their accounts, placing bets, or playing games of chance.

Players agree during the BetStop signup process that they won’t try to circumvent the system. Therefore, you can apply to remove the self-exclusion feature.

Another unique design inclusion with BetStop is that players can nominate up to five people to support them through this process. The goal of self-exclusion is to stop problem gambling so that the terms can last from three months to that person’s lifetime.

The BetStop structure is one of ten ways the National Consumer Protection Framework helps protect Australian citizens and others in the country from predatory gambling or wagering services. 

What Casinos Are Not on BetStop?

Any international online casino is not on BetStop. These entities are governed by local rules and provide services outside the country.

If the operator doesn’t target Australian individuals with their bonuses or credit offers, the primary issue to consider from an IGA stance involves how interactive the games are for players. Since most table games and pokies require different commands, they are a no-go option.

The government warns players who go to non BetStop casino sites that they could lose their money after making a deposit. In addition, they would only be able to pursue the platform if they decide to cease operations while cash was available in your account to use.

In addition, the IGA provides authority to request internet service providers start blocking non-AU casinos from Australian IP addresses. As a result, you could lose access to your account even though the platform still considers you an active member.

Some casinos have recognized this fact and changed their terms and conditions. For example, if an account remains inactive for 12 consecutive months, they may start charging administrative fees of $5 or more to maintain access. That process repeats until there is nothing left in the account to use. 

Australian Online Casinos Not on BetStop: Is It Possible?

Non BetStop Australian casinos are possible. But they need to thread a thin line between what the regulations allow and what the IGA expects with the self-exclusion update. 

The Northern Territory Racing Commission issues most of the current licenses. Liquor and Gaming NSW, the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission, and similar departments permit limited betting opportunities online, including promotions for first-time players.

These legal sites provide a sportsbook feel that includes access to various cups and stakes, including international leagues and sports. You need help finding table games, pokies, and other games of chance that require interactive bets. After BetStop becomes live, the self-exclusion policy requires each platform to stop providing services to players who request this service. Refrain from following this expectation to avoid license loss. 

If you’re looking for casinos that aren’t on BetStop to try because you’ve signed up for self-exclusion, you’ll need to look outside the border for options. 

How to Tell If a Provider Is Legally Operating in Australia

The Northern Territories offer some lucrative online wagering opportunities to enjoy. A full range of options is there for players to enjoy through the current licensing procedure. Any non BetStop casinos Australia players can find will come from an international location. The ACMA requires all license entities to provide support for self-exclusion services.

That means the best non BetStop casinos will feature all your favorite table games, pokies, sportsbook wagering, and other betting opportunities as before. The only difference is that players will lose some of the guarantees found under the IGA.

Does BetStop Actively Prevent Players from Joining Online Casinos?

Online casinos without BetStop include any platform that qualifies as a gaming provider under the terms of the IGA, as they offer services without necessarily operating with a license issued by an authorized agent in the country.

When the terms in the IGA were updated in 2017, over 150 online casino platforms had to withdraw from Australia because they no longer provided legal services. This effort aimed to reduce the amount of monetary loss that players experienced to overseas providers, which did happen to a certain extent.

Even reputable non BetStop casinos left in 2017 because the IGA changes allowed the directors and other principals of a company that violated the statutes to send referrals to the Australian Border Force. These rules also apply to new online casinos not on BetStop. However, anyone providing in-person services at a physical location follows a different set of rules than online providers. So, players don’t need to worry about those regulations. 

For players who decide to use the self-exclude feature from BetStop, their names will be on a national register. They can not open new accounts, receive casino marketing, or place bets. That means new non BetStop casinos that permit those actions could lose their licenses if they fail to abide by the IGA rules.

Any currently banned services are not permitted to be advertised to players in the country, including options that involve promotions or credits for signing up or playing at specific online sites.

Do I Have to Register for BetStop Services?

The easiest way to enjoy Australian casinos not on BetStop, is to find one close to your home that permits in-person bets and wagers. 

If you don’t want to deal with the self-exclusion rules, another option is to find alternative ways of working on your gambling choices. This activity is for entertainment, so anything beyond what a player can afford is potentially problematic. Australia doesn’t even tax winnings because the law considers the outcomes as luck.

The ACMA won’t offer players a cooling-off time under the current guidelines and structures. So, you either sign up to self-exclude or choose not to do so. The effects are immediate. While waiting for a response, if you change your mind, the online casinos not on BetStop provide an entertainment alternative for you to consider. 

Does a Pre-Registration Count as Self-Exclusion with BetStop?

The rules and guidelines developed for the BetStop self-exclusion process do not include a pre-registration feature. Therefore, all players must intentionally sign up for this service once it becomes available to limit their gambling activities. 

If you want to play at reputable casinos not on BetStop, the process is the same as it would be with virtually any other online entity. Unless a clear rule prevents players from becoming part of a specific community, the account creation or maintenance rules stay the same.

Australian players can work with any business they prefer when looking for the best online casinos not on BetStop. Only licensed companies would prevent bets from being placed once the database becomes available nationwide.

The Key Word Is “Interactive” with BetStop

When researching AU casinos not on BetStop, the first step is to review the IGA rules regarding online wagers and entertainment. The IGA explicitly bans the experience from being “interactive,” which is why table games, scratch cards, and pokies aren’t permitted.

Even the brand-new non-BetStop casinos in Australia must follow these rules. No exceptions or grandfathering options are allowed for existing companies or license holders.

Sports betting is the primary exception to the current rules for Australian players. It is currently permitted online through licensed operators, but there is a catch. Before the match or event starts, you must place the wager on your preferred game. Online lotteries are also legal if they don’t use an instant win mechanism that requires some player action.

Has the IGA Been Effective at Helping Players?

When the government reviewed the IGA in 2012, it found the rules ineffective. Players were using licensed offshore online casinos for entertainment, even though the operations were illegal under the guidelines. In addition, some people used their smartphones to place wagers during live events and other clever options that could circumvent the blockages. 

The law treated online poker the same way in Australia as in the United States. Although minor amendments have been made to make some changes, and petitions are to alter the definitions since poker is seen as a game of skill, the IGA restrictions are still in place as BetStop becomes closer to reality.

Is It Possible to Find Safe Non BetStop Casinos?

Several casinos are found throughout Australia that provides gaming excitement and fun. The only problem is that you need to visit a physical location and be present to play the games. Numerous options are available across the country, with many located in coastal communities. You’ll find electronic table games (ETGs), traditional wagers, poker, pokies, and VIP gaming available at most locations.

If you’re looking for trustworthy non BetStop casinos that deliver an online or digital experience from the convenience of home, the conversation takes a different turn. Unfortunately, fewer player protections are available when working with an overseas provider.

Under the current structure, anyone with an Australian gambling or gaming license must follow the self-exclusion rules and expectations. Here are some tips to help you review a list of casinos not on BetStop to find that one destination that feels right for your gaming needs.

Online Casino Safety Tip

Inspect the License

Most countries issue licenses to online sites as part of their overall regulatory process. So even though any online casinos not on BetStop would be outside Australia’s requirements, they might have licensure elsewhere. Many of today’s best providers operate under the guidance of Curacao, Belgium, and Cyprus.

Review the Reputation

Legit non BetStop casinos have nothing to hide. They let you see every testimonial and review, whether flattering or critical of the gaming experience. This information allows players to determine if that platform suits their current or future needs.

Comfortable Banking

When you work with trusted non-BetStop casinos, you should consider various payment and withdrawal options. That includes paying with credit cards, wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies. You should also receive quick payouts, e-wallet access, and other structures that complement your playing style. Lengthy wait times (7 days or more) could indicate possible liquidity problems.

Bonuses and Credits

The IGA prevents gambling operators from providing customers credit or helping them access anything. That includes using third-party products, such as payday lenders. However, your credit cards are still valid, and telephone betting services with less than $30 million in annual turnover are excluded. 

The top online casinos not on BetStop offer generous bonuses that maximize your playing options. For example, you might receive 100% or more on your first deposit, but you need to manage the funds under different betting or playthrough rules. 

Game Quality

Some of the latest non BetStop casinos like to promote how they have thousands of games for players to try. It’s better to work with a platform that uses high-quality titles and developers to ensure you have an overall positive experience. Even licensed pokies are on some of these sites, so there is something for everyone if you perform your due diligence.

Wagering Requirements

If you choose to place wagers at online casinos not on BetStop AU, any bonuses or promotions could be limited by different betting structures and wagering requirements. These often apply to pokies, where you’d need to bet at least ten times the amount of your deposit and bonus. Some sites require up to fifty times that amount.

Most bonus requirements state that you can place bets of $5 or less. This stipulation reduces jackpot-winning opportunities but can increase the time you can play your preferred titles.

Entertainment Preferences

Some live casinos not on BetStop, focus on table games, game shows, or games of chance. Others work with developers to produce hundreds of different pokies to enjoy. But, again, it helps to match your preferences to a reputable platform to find hours of fun.

How to Find the Best AU Casinos Not on BetStop

The top non BetStop casinos offer plenty of rewards for becoming an active player. Here are the things to watch for when looking at different sites to see if they fit your needs.

Easy Signup Process

You should be able to avoid jumping through multiple hoops to find the best online casinos not on BetStop in Australia. Most sites request your name, phone number, and email address. Some follow KYC and AML rules, so you might be asked to verify your personal information before your winnings are distributed.

Free Spins and Bonuses

When non BetStop casinos no deposit bonus offers come along, you get specific freebies for signing up to have an account. That means you get credited with funds to try different pokies and table games for free. Other bonuses, including welcome, restock, and cash-back options, are standard for players to enjoy. 

Simple Navigation

You should find it easy to locate your preferred games, pokies, and wagers on the best non BetStop casinos in Australia. You should be a click or two away from having fun at any given time on your preferred platform.

Payment Preferences

Are you looking for non BetStop casinos with PayPal as an option? What about credit and debit cards? Playing somewhere that doesn’t accept your money makes no sense, so you’ll want to carefully review how to deposit funds. Once satisfied with that option, look to see how winnings come your way.

Browser Compatibility

Some not on BetStop casinos work well on PC browsers but have limited mobile functionality. The opposite can also happen. Do you want to work with a provider through an app? Does the platform remain responsive to whatever your current internet speeds are? 

Return to Player Percentage

This figure represents the amount that specific game hands out to all players based on long-term betting patterns. That means a 92% RTP would deliver $92 out of every $100 if you charted those figures across months or years. Short-term results might result in a complete loss, but some players can win massive jackpots. 

Paying attention to how non BetStop casinos with no deposit bonus structures work are your best bet when looking for this form of entertainment. You can stretch your money further without worrying about sharing too many personal details.

If that option isn’t available, try non BetStop casinos’ free spins to give the playing experience a comprehensive review before investing lots of cash. 

Will There Be New Online Casinos That Aren’t on BetStop?

The first online casinos and gaming sites appeared in the mid-1990s. Antigua and Barbuda began processing licenses under its free trade laws for companies that wanted to provide this service to customers over the internet. In 1995, the first gaming clubs became operational. 

By 1997, there were more than 200 online casinos that players could access online. Fast-forward to today, and that number is too high to count. New names and sister sites go live monthly to let players find the entertainment they crave.

In the early 2000s, Australia and other countries took a step back by preventing some online casinos from operating. Although there isn’t an outright ban on activities, operators are cautious about entering this market because of the IGA rules. The potential risks are dramatically reduced by staying overseas and letting players find them.

What Can I Do for Online Casinos Not on BetStop?

The IGA is like any other rule, guideline, or the law. It is subject to change at any time based on the willpower of politicians and the population’s desires. Changes in 2019 that permit a national self-exclusion database have led to the BetStop issue. 

If you have questions or concerns about playing your favorite table games or interactive wagers online, you shouldn’t stress about them anymore. Although a ban request could block international non BetStop casino sites, the chances of the specific platform you love to use receiving that attention are nearly zero.

When playing at casinos not on BetStop AU, you can mitigate some risks by limiting your deposit amount. If free bonuses or spins are available, maximize your gains while staying within a comfortable budget. Entertainment value is available at lower wagers, even if the winnings aren’t as extreme as higher bets.

Are there any online casinos not on BetStop worth choosing? That decision is ultimately up to each player. If you love the platform and don’t mind taking a few extra risks, you’ll find playing non BetStop pokies or your preferred titles in the comfort of your home can be a lot of fun.

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