Non BetStop Pokies in Australia

This is a detailed list of the best online pokies not on BetStop in Australia

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The best pokies not on BetStop: everything you need to know

With slots, table games, sportsbook offerings, live casinos, mini-games, bingo, Slingo, and more, non BetStop pokies offer an enormous range of betting entertainment.

Importantly, for those unable to play due to self-exclusion, new non BetStop pokies give players the chance to get back in the game. These pokies have offshore licenses and Australian players able to access and use these sites easily.

While these pokies are not based in Australia, they still offer the same gaming experience you know and love. In addition, they typically offer bigger bonuses, more accessible banking options, heightened privacy, and many more game providers.

AU Pokies not on BetStop

Any pokies not on BetStop will carry a license issued by a foreign country. In most cases, this is a gaming license granted by the governing body in Curacao. A small island nation considered a province of the Netherlands.

When asking what pokies are not on BetStop, you will need to look offshore for gaming sites. Don’t worry. The experience is as good and often better than domestic casino and bookmaker sites. You can expect to find all the games you know and plenty more gems you might not. Betting markets, too, are as good as AU pokie sites. Not on BetStop does not mean sacrifices in the playing experience.

If you’re looking for a way to bypass self-exclusion check out our list of the top online pokies not on BetStop below.

Non BetStop pokies with no deposit bonus

There are plenty of non BetStop pokies, and no deposit bonus offers available. A no-deposit bonus is a gift or reward provided to new players simply for creating an account. This comes from free spins, bonus funds, special offers, cash, points, special access, and more.

Some sites offer players the choice of either $5 in funds or 50 free spins just for visiting the site and registering. As the site does not require verification information immediately, this is a simple and hassle-free process. This means players can enjoy a free bonus or some juicy free spins for absolutely nothing.

For most players, 50 free spins stand to be the best offer here, with the choice of 3 games to use them on. These are the classic titles Book of Dead, Gonzo’s Quest, and pokie mainstay, Starburst.

(no deposit offer is available intermittently, check back regularly)

Are there any legit non BetStop pokies sites?

There are now hundreds of safe non BetStop pokies that have licenses outside Australia. While some sites may not be part of BetStop, they are still safe and trustworthy.

People from Australia, the UK, and elsewhere choose to use these sites licensed by gaming commissions in Curacao and other offshore nations to remain independent casinos. This allows a broader choice of pokies, funding options, promo rewards, and colossal welcome offers.

As with all online betting and wagering, players can keep themselves and their money safe by only playing with funds within their financial means and never taking chances they are not happy losing.

What are the most trusted non BetStop pokies?

Each player has their favorite pokie site they prefer and regularly play on. Their choices range from game selection, rewards, reload offers, loyalty schemes, and payout rates.

Nevertheless, some sites are amongst the most reputable pokies not on BetStop. The factors that go into this are recent feedback, reliability of bonus delivery, customer support service, LiveChat feature, game selection, market options in sports betting, and website design and responsiveness.

What is BetStop

BetStop is Australia’s answer to solving the issue of problem gambling and addictive, harmful behavior regarding pokies. Unfortunately, keeping gambling fun and spending within their budget is not easy for some players. BetStop is designed to try and curb this behavior by imposing self-imposed limits.

It works by implementing preventative measures to stop access to wagering sites. This includes sportsbooks, casinos, live casinos, slots, pokie sites, bingo, Slingo, horse racing, mini-games, live game show gambling, and anything else that requires the wagering of money online.

The scheme has been set up by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, otherwise known as the ACMA. The project launched in Autumn 2022 after meetings and coordination with Australian gambling casinos.

As Australia’s communications regulator, the ACMA was instrumental in changes to the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act. These changes involved public consultations in February and March of 2022. These meetings discussed the proposed changes and refinements to the system before its launch.

The ACMA suggests the cost of running the scheme is to be recovered through a new law introduced. This new legislation is called the National Self-Exclusion Register Cost Recovery Levy and aims to fund BetStop by targeting “wagering providers,” i.e., pokies.

BetStop is ultimately part of the National Consumer Protection Framework (NCPF). This framework was initiated in 2018 with BetStop, one of the ten pillars devised to “protect users of Australian interactive wagering services.” Despite the system being implemented to protect consumers, BetStop and similar techniques have plenty of criticisms.

Benefits of Australian pokies not on BetStop

Simpler sign-up

One of the most frustrating things about signing up to traditional online casinos and pokie sites is the hoops you have to jump through to sign up.

Non BetStop pokies Australia and elsewhere have to offer to make things much more manageable. For example, where many sites nowadays require users to upload various documents, non BetStop pokies typically only require basic information.

They also do not require proof of earnings, something many online pokie sites and casinos worldwide are beginning to require from high-roller players. Using a non BetStop site can expect a fast, easy sign-up instead.


A concern for many players nowadays is that of privacy. Asking players to hand over sensitive information is often unnecessary and it is an invasion of personal and financial privacy by many people.

Most non BetStop pokies and online casinos not on BetStop do not need this information upon sign-up. Whereas most legacy pokies will require players to submit photographic proof of identity, utility bill, passport, bank statement, and more, non AU casinos streamline the process and only ask for this information when necessary later.


The latest non BetStop pokies allow players to fund their accounts with cryptocurrency. This is another way non BetStop sites help maintain privacy by allowing players to fund their accounts using digital currencies.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, and more are available as valid currency by the majority of BetStop-free pokies. These blockchain-based tokens use semi-anonymous public ledgers to record transactions instead of direct records. This means transactions are entirely private unless people know the owner of a crypto-wallet address.

Cryptocurrency is also borderless. This means Australians and people from other countries can use it freely on non-BetStop pokies operating in other countries without conversion fees or issues.

More currency and payment options

As well as cryptocurrency, some of the top online pokies not on BetStop also offer multiple ways to fund your account. As well as the standard Visa and MasterCard, credit and debit cards, this includes PayPal, Neteller, and pre-paid vouchers and cards.

More banking options mean players can get money into their account, eliminating barriers between players and their favorite new pokies.

More pokies available

Non BetStop pokies can also use various pokies (slots), live casino providers, and mini-games. They are not tied to specific providers through licensing agreements and contractual obligations. Legal online casinos can only use particular providers.

Most non BetStop casinos are licensed in Curacao, so they are not limited in this way. Instead, they tend to have hundreds, if not thousands, more pokies on offer. These include player favorites from some of the biggest game providers in the world as well as brand new pokies you may not have seen anywhere else.

Huge bonuses and promos

The best thing about non BetStop pokies is free spins, huge welcome bonuses, and regular promos. While they may be casinos not in Australia, non BetStop pokies don’t skimp on the goodies. Instead, they offer more than their traditional counterparts.

Players can expect extremely generous welcome offers with many times the deposit given as a bonus, reload promos that often outdo regulated gambling sites, and even cashback simply for playing pokies.


Importantly, non BetStop pokies are almost universally mobile-friendly. This means you can play your way, anywhere, anytime, with no interruption. In addition, you can easily switch from desktop to laptop to mobile as non BetStop sites use reactive website design that adjusts sites on the fly.

This also means you don’t need separate apps, visit the website address and play.

Playing live casino pokies not on BetStop

One of the most compelling reasons to play at not on BetStop pokies is to experience the thrill of live casinos. These offer an authentic table game experience with real dealers and other players, all playing live and in real time.

The best part is that whatever part of the world you find yourself in, even in Australia, live casino games not blocked by BetStop give you the chance to play anywhere. So using your laptop, PC, or mobile, you can play in the comfort of your home without worrying about the dress code.

Live casinos stream actual casino dealers from real studios giving the feeling of playing in person. At non BetStop live casinos, you can expect to find blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, craps, and game show experiences. These include Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher, and more!

Do all pokies use BetStop?

Not all pokies are on BetStop. Some online pokies and betting sites use other systems, and others, such as those offshore, tend not to partake in any scenario. Not on BetStop pokies tend to be issued with a license from other countries that are not legally required to participate in self-exclusion systems like BetStop.

The most popular pokies not on BetStop have a license from Curacao, the overseas Netherlands territory. Curacao operates independently and so far is not part of any self-exclusion scheme. Gaming licenses issued by Curacao authorities also permit players from overseas. However, it is illegal for online casinos to serve pokies to Australian citizens. This includes those with a Curacao license.

Most trustworthy non BetStop pokies will explain that they do not serve players from Australia and other countries. It is illegal to do so. This often does not stop Australian players from being able to sign up, however. This is because not on BetStop pokies tend to have more streamlined sign-up and identity verification processes.

How BetStop works

BetStop is a self-exclusionary system that operates with Australia at the commonwealth, state, and territories level. This means it applies to any online wagering site registered and driving under the purview of the Australian authorities. If a licensed online gambling site is considered part of the National Consumer Protection Framework, it is now legally required to participate in the BetStop scheme.

As a self-exclusion program, BetStop is something customers sign up for themselves. Online bookmakers, casinos, and BetStop pokie sites do not automatically enroll players to the scheme, even if they are high-rollers spending considerable monthly money.

Instead, players use the BetStop website to voluntarily exclude themselves from using gambling websites. In addition, players choose how long they wish to “take a break” from pokies, ranging from 3 months up to a complete lifetime withdrawal from the gambling space.

While the Australian Communication and Media Authority have enacted the scheme, it is run by Big Village (formerly known as the company Engine Australia). Big Village has been tasked with building and operating BetStop, ensuring those with gambling problems cannot use online wagering sites.

The system tracks a large online register accessible by all betting sites. When signing up to BetStop players have to give their name, address, and partner’s email address. Pokies, bookmakers, and casinos licensed under Australian law must cross-check information against this register and prevent those enrolled from playing or re-signing up.

Do other countries have BetStop?

Other countries have their form of BetStop that works similarly. These take the relevant details of a player (such as their name, address, email address, and other locale-specific information) and add them to a national register. Using this, players are then unable to gamble, create new accounts, or opt back out of the scheme until their exclusion period is over.

All of these different systems operate independently of one another and apply only to citizens of that country.

BetStop, GamStop, SpelPaus and more

In the UK, for instance, the equivalent of BetStop is GamStop. GamStop is a similar system set up by the UK Gambling Commission. In Sweden, the government and Swedish Gambling Authority (Spelinspektionen) have initiated a self-exclusion system called SpelPaus to help gamblers with unhealthy playing behavior. Other techniques have been created and used in other countries, too, with pokies issued licenses in those countries required to participate.  

However, no matter what is the system, there are ways to bypass BetStop, GamStop, SpelPaus, and other schemes. With Curacao licensed casinos not part of self-exclusion schemes, they do not check registers before allowing players to sign up. Non BetStop pokies enable people to sign up with minimal information, retaining privacy if that is a concern.

Using pokies not on BetStop in Australia

Online casino sites are technically illegal in Australia under the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act. However, it is not strictly illegal for Australian citizens to use online gambling sites.

In 2016, the Australian government introduced changes to the Interactive Gambling Act under the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill. This legalized some forms of online gambling for those licensed operators in Australian territories. This means Australians are now free to access and use certain conditions of online betting sites.

A notable exception to this is online casinos. This also includes pokies, not on BetStop in Australia and elsewhere. While running and operating an online casino that serves Australians is illegal, it is not illegal for those in Australia to use old and new pokies not on BetStop.

While some sites won’t actively screen out Australian users, some do. In these cases, it is helpful to use a VPN. An active VPN will give a website the impression that you are located in a different country. This helps get around BetStop and prohibitions on pokie activity.

Warning: Always ensure your online gambling site allows VPN usage before visiting. Failure to do so could limit your ability to connect and result in an account ban.

Reasons people might want to get around BetStop

While BetStop may play an essential role in helping problem gamblers curb addiction and overspending, it is not without its faults. One of the biggest criticisms of the BetStop scheme is that it is too strict. Relying on self-enrolment in the project means a lot of the process is automated, leaving little room for nuance and exceptional circumstances.

While the scheme needs to be robust enough to prevent circumvention for problem gamblers, there are several valid reasons why someone may want to get around BetStop. These include the following.

Accidental sign-up

There are plenty of tales online of people enrolling in schemes such as BetStop and the UK’s equivalent, GamStop, and later realizing they didn’t understand what it was, they were signing up for. While the BetStop terms and conditions and online information aren’t opaque about what registering with the scheme involves, there is debate over whether there are enough checks to ensure players fully understand.

Many players online report they believed enrolment in self-exclusion schemes could be backed out of at a later time. Such players often regret that they can now not partake in online gaming. While some claim the system explains the consequences of enrolment clearly, actual player testimony suggests there is still confusion in some cases.

Self-exclusion set too long

There are also plenty of reports by players that self-exclusion controls are too long or do not allow enough fine-grained control. For example, a player may wish to self-exclude for a period shorter than three months. However, as this is the minimum period possible, players may be unable to play even after their preferred period is up.

Players are often forced into self-exclusion periods that do not suit their situation, barring them from playing unnecessarily.

System abuse

While BetStop does an excellent job of filtering out system abuse, it is not foolproof. For example, people can sign up with other people without their permission should they have access to certain documents, forms of identification, and know-how.

This sort of situation would leave a player who is unwilling to sign up to BetStop now unable to play. This is despite the player not being willing to participate in their exclusion from online betting. For instance, a spouse that no longer wants their partner to use online betting shops could potentially access the necessary information and documents.

While it is difficult for BetStop to prevent this kind of abuse, it demonstrates a need for not on BetStop pokies and ways to bypass BetStop.

Change of mind

Some critics of self-exclusion systems also take issue with the systems’ hard-line approach. For example, all online betting sites that serve Australian citizens must be part of BetStop and do not allow for exceptions.

Some anti-BetStop arguments claim that this non-nuanced approach is too strict, and there are genuine cases where it is safe for players to resume playing before their self-exclusion period ends. As the system is automated mainly with data on a national register, cases where someone no longer needs or wants to be part of the scheme are not considered.

Payment methods of Australian online pokies not on BetStop

Non-BeStop Australian pokies offer some of the most comprehensive payment options found by almost any casino or sportsbook site. This includes both legacy and new platforms not part of a self-exclusion scheme. These sites have a wide range of funding choices, including the following payment options:

Credit/debit card

Whether it’s Visa, MasterCard, or other, pokies not part of BetStop all accept all major debit and credit cards. This is useful for international payments and is a standard approach for most players.


Taking advantage of the privacy that blockchain technology can offer, cryptocurrency is another option on most pokies not part of BetStop. This includes Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, ADA, DOGE, and lots more tokens.


Non-BetStop pokies with PayPal as a funding option give players the chance to fund through this popular payment processor. Players choose to do this to handle currency conversions automatically and be protected by some of PayPal’s internal offerings.

Pre-paid vouchers and cards

For true anonymity, some players opt to play using pre-paid vouchers and debit cards. These act as Visa or MasterCards that have a set funding limit.


Pokies not on BetStop offer players unnecessarily part of a self-exclusion scheme the chance to spin their favorite slots. Nevertheless, getting started is easy, with many excellent offers available.

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